Winter… for our best buddies

Winter is upon us and we’ve been getting out in that fun white stuff called snow. I LOVE snow and winter is my favorite season. My little buddy Teton loves it too. I found the perfect dog for me.

This weekend we went out and played in the snow and Teton had his first backcountry experience. I’m sure when we rolled up and started skinning everyone was thinking, ‘Who brought the princess dog in bright yellow boots and a plaid vest.’ That would be me. I know my little Teton and he beat me to the top of the mountain. He loved every minute of it and the skiing experience on the way down was new but fun for little Teton. He may be little but he’s tough as nails.

Teton has ‘hair’ so snowballs form on him the longer we play in the snow. So a plaid puffy vest helps keep the snow off and he’s my dog, he has to have a puffy too! I put little booties on his feet to help with the cold snow but mainly to keep his feet dry when he’s prancing on my lap as we’re driving home. Yes, I have a small or toy dog but the only time he’ll sit on my lap or take a nap in my lap is in the car. So booties it is to keep me dry, dirt free and to keep my car clean.


All in all my little buddy

  1. loves the snow
  2. loves to hike up the mountain and always beats me to the top
  3. he is little but big in heart and loves adventures and being outdoors
  4. is the best adventure buddy ever
  5. stylish in his puffy and yellow boots

Check out Teton’s attire. It works and it’s on sale. Puffy vest, booties, water bowl and Teton’s favorite treats  !