the TRUE athlete…

Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, performance or place in the running pack. ~ Jeff Galloway


With the Olympics starting, I contemplate a lot of things. An injury I didn’t anticipate, a lot of hard training and sacrifices. A race I really want to finish and know I can but there’s always setbacks. I believe we are the true Olympians, you and me, the average person. Long after the ribbon has been run through or the course record has been set, we cross the finish line.

We push through the heat of the day, endure for hours long after the top three have been announced. And at the end, we wear the medal proudly. I’m not discounting the athleticism of those amazing athletes who win and are good at what they do and I realize they put as much training in as we do. We all endure, we all are athletes and true GOLD medalists. Whether it’s a 5K or 50K, we did it!

A few years ago I came in almost dead last at a race I never thought I would finish. At the starting line, I knew I would pull out of the race at the tunnel, mile 21. Somehow I finished that race with my family cheering me through the tunnel and to the finish line. I’d ran an extra 22 miles that day and 12 hours later I crossed the finish line.



That is why I LOVE sporting events and races. We, the average human, have to dig deep, really deep at times and continue on our journey and believe in ourselves when no one else does. Continue on… don’t stop… you can do it! GO US!!

St George Marathon | Grand Teton Relay | Speedgoat 50K | Deseret News 5K


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