Today as Teton and I explored the river bank along the Snake River, I listened to the sound of the river and thought, a river is ever moving around, over and through things. A lot like life, constantly moving and changing. We can either fight against the current or sit back and enjoy the ride and look forward to the rapids down the river!



SHOP Casual Outdoors: What I wore.

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Fridays FAVORITES: jackson HOLE

Teton and I decided to be tourists in our own backyard. It was fun exploring Jackson Hole and with it being the off-season we had the place to ourselves, almost. There’s so much to do in town and in the parks. And did I mention, IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Bring your camera, you’ll need it. Stay tuned this summer, I’ll be posting my favorite hikes, places to shop and eat and summer fun in Jackson Hole!


One cannot leave Jackson without the famous antler pic!


The drive home was my favorite because the sunset was amazing over Glory Mountain. It really is the SIMPLE things in life that bring us the most HAPPINESS. One of my favorite quotes.


  • Hike in Jackson Hole area: AMPHITHEATER LAKE
    • Check the blog in the next few weeks for photos and more of my favorite hike!
  • Place to shop in Jackson for all you adventure needs: SKINNY SKIS
  • Good Food and Best Desserts EVER! SWEETWATER RESTAURANT
  • Best View: Eat Dinner while watching the sunset over the Tetons: DORNAMANS


Just START running!

Be sure to check my blog every Wednesday, I’ll be posting running tips, my training for the week, eating tips while training and post-runs, and fitness gear on sale! I love being outside and love running. I have a lot of miles under my feet so hopefully what has worked for me will work for you too!

Most of all, I’ll be posting cool pics from my runs so you’ll want to see those. 🙂IMG_4300 IMG_4304

I have a lot of people ask me what’s the best way to start running or train for a race. I always say, Just start running. When I first started running, I only lasted only 5 minutes but slowly I built up my cardio over time and could run further. Each spring it’s always a challenge to get into the groove of things but a few weeks into it, I have things dialed in and I enjoy it. Here’s a great training guide for beginner runners.


Love Teton in this pic. He’s airborne. Love my little adventure Buddy loves to go on road runs and trail runs with me.

Happy Running!   Andria & Teton


               Running Tops         Running Pants         Running Shorts         Socks

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Another day to post really cool pictures of how we enjoy Mother Earth but this year is different for me. I’ve changed for the better. I’ve recognized the need to get the younger generation on board. Too many kids, teenagers and even adults (I’m guilty too), spend too much time on their electronic devices and not outside or preserving nature. It’s easy to get caught up in every day life but we really need to stop and be aware of our future and planet earth’s future. I’m not going to say I’m the go-to person on this matter but I do believe climate change is real and happening and my children may not get to enjoy those cold smoke ski days like I have grown up experiencing. The only place to start is within ourselves. A New Years Resolution (in April) if you will, to preserve my playground and educate the upcoming generation. Thank you Mother Earth, we’re on your side.

Check out City Kids. They are providing enriching life experiences for underserved D.C. children through outdoor experiences. I met them at SHIFTjh conservation festival this past fall.

Seasons of Change

The tides are changing into spring and the snow is dwindling fast. I always have mixed emotions this time of year. Although I’m happy to see the sunshine, I have to say good-bye to my dear friend, snow. All that fluffy stuff creates so much joy and happiness for six months a year and brings me together with my mountain community. It’s sad to say good-bye to those friends I see in the mountains doing what we love, ski. But change is good and forward I must go. Until we meet again old man winter!12799278_10153961585104808_6251572300085523987_n1545752_10154063042155802_3166847435775223436_n

Ski Season: Blower day at Alta

Time flies when the snow starts to fly! Ski season is underway and so are the burning calves, feet that hurt, the never ending boot adjusting and thighs getting into shape. But, all that pain disappears on a blower powder day.

Yesterday was THE best powder day at Alta, Utah. We’ve had a rough few years and all though the skiing has been fun, there’s nothing like a deep waist and chest deep blower powder day. Everyone was all smiles, happy old man winter decided to finally visit. All the hurt and agony of getting into ski shape paid off yesterday and I’m sure there’s more to come. Winter is here!

It was deep:


Black Friday…

So I should be posting all the greatest deals out there right now on ski gear, winter gear and everything else, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s the first weekend of winter and ski season (resorts opening) and the holidays. All I could think about and want to do was play outside and enjoy spending time with my family and little lovies.

I opted to #OptOutside with REI and thought that was the greatest marketing plan I’ve seen in my life. We are over-run with consumerism, shopping and the latest and greatest. Which I’m not opposed to modern technology but sometimes, I like to leave my cell phone home, unplug and not look at my computer for a few days. I want to enjoy the simple life. That’s when I escape to my #tinycabin, build a fire to stay warm, shovel the driveway and listen to the creek outside my bedroom window. The simple things in life bring happiness. Families, friends, sunsets, snow crystals glistening in the ray of sunshine sneaking through the clouds as you’re riding the chairlift to the top of the mountain or hiking to the top to ski down, listening to the snow crunching under your feet as you set out on your winter adventure, or watching your little buddy go off the trial in the snow drift and disappear as the snow engulfs him but coming up for air as he’s loving every moment of it. That’s happiness, peace, and comfort which brings a smile to my face.

Enjoy the simple things of life. We live in a fast-track society. Slow down and enjoy the simple things. I promise it will bring a smile to your soul.




A Day of Thanksgiving

Last night I went for a night tour. Long day at work, too late to drive home to Idaho to be with the family. I needed an outing. As I started hiking in the dusk that would turn to dark I looked around and knew this was my happy place. It was cold, snowing and a blustery night but I couldn’t think of any other place I’d rather be. The down was fun, just the beginner run at Alta but the solitude experienced was well worth the trek.

Hiking through the blizzard I contemplated the things I was grateful for: my dad who introduced me to skiing, adventures and the outdoors. My mom, for teaching us to live life to the fullest and to laugh along the way. My siblings, for pushing me to become the person I am today. The amazing people that have come into my life and stayed and others who are gone but made an impact on my life.