Wasatch 100, yes 100 miles of RUNNING!

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So life got busy and crazy the past few months. From logging 80+ miles a week, plus work and side work, making sure Teton got outside for runs too, and an injury, August, and September flew right by. But I’m alive, happy and my body is adjusting to ‘normal’ life again. It seems weird on Saturdays that I’m not out running for 12 hours or more.


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The Wasatch 100: AMAZING! I didn’t know what to expect going into it. Was it going to be too hard for me? Was I trained enough, would my knee bother me, would I be able to eat, was I going to be fast enough to make the cut-off times? So many unknowns. I felt great the first 30 miles, my stomach was a bit grumbly but I had my Rolaids to help out. I was even ahead of schedule at every aid-station. At mile 31 I ate a burrito and that’s the last solid food I ate for three days. My stomach bothered me so much I couldn’t eat anything solid and had to slow down. I ran 45 miles on broth, Gatorade and a few bites of cooked potatoes. (Family staple food when hiking. Yes, my dad is a potato farmer.)

wasatch 100 wasatch 100

Pacers are key to any 100-mile race. They keep you going when you want to give up. They distract you with crazy stories from college and they keep cheering you on, even when you’re the last one into the aid-station. My family was awesome and a big part of the race for me. They cheered me on. Sent me texts, encouraging me to keep moving. They trip as they are running into the aid station with you, and make you laugh, they walk up and down the road because they are so worried that you’re not there yet that they end up with a bigger blister than you do. Smile a toothless smile and tell you “You’re a Huskinson, we can do hard things!”, I laughed and cried at the same time.

wasatch 100 wasatch 100 wasatch 100

Even though I didn’t cross the finish line, I was a champion. I was happy with 75 miles, I was cut because of time. I went 45 miles further than I thought I could that day because I couldn’t eat any food. It was hard but doable for me. I definitely was trained. It was a journey and the memories from the race are my pacers, family, and friends, support crew, and race support crew made it a great experience for me and I had fun along the way. And yes, I’m doing it again!

wasatch 100


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the TRUE athlete…

Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, performance or place in the running pack. ~ Jeff Galloway


With the Olympics starting, I contemplate a lot of things. An injury I didn’t anticipate, a lot of hard training and sacrifices. A race I really want to finish and know I can but there’s always setbacks. I believe we are the true Olympians, you and me, the average person. Long after the ribbon has been run through or the course record has been set, we cross the finish line.

We push through the heat of the day, endure for hours long after the top three have been announced. And at the end, we wear the medal proudly. I’m not discounting the athleticism of those amazing athletes who win and are good at what they do and I realize they put as much training in as we do. We all endure, we all are athletes and true GOLD medalists. Whether it’s a 5K or 50K, we did it!

A few years ago I came in almost dead last at a race I never thought I would finish. At the starting line, I knew I would pull out of the race at the tunnel, mile 21. Somehow I finished that race with my family cheering me through the tunnel and to the finish line. I’d ran an extra 22 miles that day and 12 hours later I crossed the finish line.



That is why I LOVE sporting events and races. We, the average human, have to dig deep, really deep at times and continue on our journey and believe in ourselves when no one else does. Continue on… don’t stop… you can do it! GO US!!

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My mom is an inspiration to me. We’ve run marathons, half-marathons, 10K’s and 5K’s together over many years. We were training for a marathon when she found out she had pancreatic cancer. She’s a fighter and a tough lady, going into her 4th year with cancer she’s up to running a loop around the park. She’s the true hero and is awesome. There’s many hero’s out there like her. When I’m ready to quit and be done during a race or a training run, I think of her and know she’d do anything to be at mile 16 wanting to quit but she will never be there again and that’s what keeps me going.

Running is a funny thing, it’s therapy and craziness all in one. But we always come back for more. There’s a camaraderie not quite like any other athletic group. People of all shapes and sizes, fast or slow can be a part of the running community. We all feel the same as we cross the finish line regardless of how long it took us to get there.


So on those days, like today for me, when 16 miles took an extra hour, we have to tell ourselves…just keep running, one foot in front of the other.

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LACED up SHOES, cotton CANDY clouds



Another morning, I don’t want to get up and run, AGAIN. My body still hurts from the long run on Saturday. I want to sleep in, there’s a million other things I’d rather do and I will name all of them. But… I lace up my shoes, head out the door and start. It’s always hard. Whether it’s a 5K or a 100 mile race, the training regiment is always hard. The diligence of training is not easy. It’s mind over matter. For me the hardest part of running a 100 mile race  or training for any race is always the consistency of training. I need to build the muscle strength, the stamina, the mental capacity from daily training. One must be serious about training to cross the finish line on race day. LOVE this article on running consistency: HERE

So today, I started out slow, a lot of things on my mind.  As I put one foot in front of the other and two hours later, I felt amazing. I loved the COTTON CANDY CLOUDS and the green valley below and the Tetons watching me from a distance as I ran my miles. All the burdens on my mind, solved, lifted off my shoulders. Running is my personal therapy. I LOVE IT! Nature does that to me. Just me, the clouds, the badger off the side of the road, the little squirrels and deer peering over at me, stopping in that moment to lock eyes with me as I run by. I LOVE nature and the calmness it brings my soul. That’s why I choose to run up a very steep hill for 6 miles and venture into the woods. A great article on Running and the benefits: HERE


Runners, we’re a different breed but a happy one. We know the sacrifices, the journey and rewards at the end. Be it a finish line or our car. WE DID IT! And that’s why we come back the next day for more.


A great quote from Runner’s World.




it’s a BEAUTIFUL day, ENJOY it


Monday my training schedule had me running 10 miles. I looked out the window to see the trees were almost horizontal because the wind was blowing so hard. Ugh, I had no desire to run a mile, let alone 10. I told myself, “it’d be good ‘training’ and training for anything is not for the faint of heart, besides, it was a beautiful day, go enjoy it!”


The wild wind blowing my hair.

It turned out to be fun to run. I laughed as the wind literally blew me off the road with some gusts and stopped me dead in my tracks as I ran into it. I was rewarded at the end, I DID IT! That’s the joy of training and pushing ourselves. The sense of accomplishment at the end. HERE is a great article to get over a training hump. Happy Running! Andria

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CROSS training: a PEDAL in the PARK

I was too tired to run today, so I decided on a cross-training day. Teton and I decided to bike through Grand Teton National Park. I personally KNOW how important cross-training is for your running training, whether it’s a 5K or a 50K, it’s important! The races I didn’t do any cross-training, I could tell. Check out this great article on why cross-training is important: HERE  My cross-training is fun and casual, biking, water-skiing, hiking. I keep it light since my training days are more intense.

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It’s early season in the park so not too many people. There’s still snow in mountains so we biked from Taggart Lake parking lot to Jenny Lake. A must do! The views were splendid. And Teton LOVED it! Fitting don’t you think?!

FullSizeRender 3

Grand Teton National Park: Trail/Bike Map: HERE

Safety While Biking in Park: HERE

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Just START running!

Be sure to check my blog every Wednesday, I’ll be posting running tips, my training for the week, eating tips while training and post-runs, and fitness gear on sale! I love being outside and love running. I have a lot of miles under my feet so hopefully what has worked for me will work for you too!

Most of all, I’ll be posting cool pics from my runs so you’ll want to see those. 🙂IMG_4300 IMG_4304

I have a lot of people ask me what’s the best way to start running or train for a race. I always say, Just start running. When I first started running, I only lasted only 5 minutes but slowly I built up my cardio over time and could run further. Each spring it’s always a challenge to get into the groove of things but a few weeks into it, I have things dialed in and I enjoy it. Here’s a great training guide for beginner runners.


Love Teton in this pic. He’s airborne. Love my little adventure Buddy loves to go on road runs and trail runs with me.

Happy Running!   Andria & Teton


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