dear SKIING – i’m PATIENTLY waiting

as_1315_mrdpanPC: Mike Tittel

I can’t believe it’s November 18th and there’s little snow! I’m going through withdrawals and I know I’m not alone. Skiers, we’re a different breed. We live, sleep, eat, drink, sacrifice, loose jobs, relationships and everything else in our life so we can ski. To say we LOVE it, is an understatement. I know most people don’t understand me and my lifestyle but I don’t expect them to. I’ve always NOT been the norm. But I’m happy. I’m surrounded by amazing people who appreciate a sunrise, a sunset, an amazing powder day, hiking through the Alps on skis, seeing pure joy on someones face at the bottom of a run they skied for the first time, they enjoy the simple things nature has to offer. And for us, that’s good enough. We don’t have fancy houses and sometimes we don’t wear the latest fashion but we have priorities; the best skis, coat, goggles, trips to find the perfect turns through bottom-less powder or skiing the couloir you’ve had your eye on for years. That’s what we do. No, we are not normal but we are happy!

          Skiing              skiing

Mom and Dad, the best thing you ever gave me was the skill to ski, enjoy nature and appreciate nature and enjoy a sport that has given back to me more than I will ever have to offer. My family still skis together, grandma, grandpa, sisters, brothers, in-laws and grandkids. We all LOVE to ski! Even my little adventure buddy loves the snow.


Find your passion. Find your happy place. Life is too short. I dare you! You may never come back… but I promise you’ll be happy.



Ski Season: Blower day at Alta

Time flies when the snow starts to fly! Ski season is underway and so are the burning calves, feet that hurt, the never ending boot adjusting and thighs getting into shape. But, all that pain disappears on a blower powder day.

Yesterday was THE best powder day at Alta, Utah. We’ve had a rough few years and all though the skiing has been fun, there’s nothing like a deep waist and chest deep blower powder day. Everyone was all smiles, happy old man winter decided to finally visit. All the hurt and agony of getting into ski shape paid off yesterday and I’m sure there’s more to come. Winter is here!

It was deep:


Black Friday…

So I should be posting all the greatest deals out there right now on ski gear, winter gear and everything else, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s the first weekend of winter and ski season (resorts opening) and the holidays. All I could think about and want to do was play outside and enjoy spending time with my family and little lovies.

I opted to #OptOutside with REI and thought that was the greatest marketing plan I’ve seen in my life. We are over-run with consumerism, shopping and the latest and greatest. Which I’m not opposed to modern technology but sometimes, I like to leave my cell phone home, unplug and not look at my computer for a few days. I want to enjoy the simple life. That’s when I escape to my #tinycabin, build a fire to stay warm, shovel the driveway and listen to the creek outside my bedroom window. The simple things in life bring happiness. Families, friends, sunsets, snow crystals glistening in the ray of sunshine sneaking through the clouds as you’re riding the chairlift to the top of the mountain or hiking to the top to ski down, listening to the snow crunching under your feet as you set out on your winter adventure, or watching your little buddy go off the trial in the snow drift and disappear as the snow engulfs him but coming up for air as he’s loving every moment of it. That’s happiness, peace, and comfort which brings a smile to my face.

Enjoy the simple things of life. We live in a fast-track society. Slow down and enjoy the simple things. I promise it will bring a smile to your soul.




Winter… for our best buddies

Winter is upon us and we’ve been getting out in that fun white stuff called snow. I LOVE snow and winter is my favorite season. My little buddy Teton loves it too. I found the perfect dog for me.

This weekend we went out and played in the snow and Teton had his first backcountry experience. I’m sure when we rolled up and started skinning everyone was thinking, ‘Who brought the princess dog in bright yellow boots and a plaid vest.’ That would be me. I know my little Teton and he beat me to the top of the mountain. He loved every minute of it and the skiing experience on the way down was new but fun for little Teton. He may be little but he’s tough as nails.

Teton has ‘hair’ so snowballs form on him the longer we play in the snow. So a plaid puffy vest helps keep the snow off and he’s my dog, he has to have a puffy too! I put little booties on his feet to help with the cold snow but mainly to keep his feet dry when he’s prancing on my lap as we’re driving home. Yes, I have a small or toy dog but the only time he’ll sit on my lap or take a nap in my lap is in the car. So booties it is to keep me dry, dirt free and to keep my car clean.


All in all my little buddy

  1. loves the snow
  2. loves to hike up the mountain and always beats me to the top
  3. he is little but big in heart and loves adventures and being outdoors
  4. is the best adventure buddy ever
  5. stylish in his puffy and yellow boots

Check out Teton’s attire. It works and it’s on sale. Puffy vest, booties, water bowl and Teton’s favorite treats  !


Ah…my Mountain Crush is back and I couldn’t be more giddy, happy, excited and elated! Yesterday was my first day out on my skis and it was soooo good to be back. That first trek up the mountain burns, hurts, my feet are yelling at me, my calves feel like they’re going to pop and I swear I forgot how to ski over the summer but the smile on my face says it all, I’m in love and my true obsession has returned.


It was fun to get out on the very little snowpack we have. I felt alive driving to the mountain in my ski pants, music blasting to my favorite tunes, and bopping my beanie to the beat. Yesterday was extra special because I took my little buddy Teton out for a ski for the first time. He LOVED it! I knew he would. We put his bright yellow booties on him and his plaid puffy vest and up the mountain we went. I’m sure everyone thought, “Who’s this princess with her little princess dog.” But don’t mistake my little buddy for a princess. He hiked all the way to the top by himself and loved every moment of it. He may be small but he’s big in heart just like me. We both have a love for adventure and the mountains. It was also a special day bIMG_1432ecause my nephew Dave came with me and it was his first backcountry experience. He’s a sophomore in HS and Gpa gave him a touring set up. Dave grew up in Minnesota skiing. It must run in the genes because after a few tips Dave was well on his way and looked like IMG_1427a pro. He even skied like a pro. I was one proud day for Aunt Andria.

So it begins, my love affair with snow, skiing, the mountains and of course Alta. I’m blessed to have skiing in my life. I have met amazing people through my travels skiing, riding chairlifts and meeting up randomly on top of High Boy at Alta. Winter is here and my Mountain Crush Monday begins!


The season’s are changing and fall is definitely in the air. We had the first snowIMG_0640 fall of the season last week. I had to drive up into the mountains to see it for myself. It was a dusting but I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. So begins my Mountain Crush with white fluffy stuff on them. #mountaincrushmonday.

Most people are sad to see the long summer days dwindle away but it makes me excited to put on my puffys and pull out my winter gear and get ready to bundle up! I may even start sporting my favorite beanies just because I’m so excited for winter! 

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I love this Puffy coat by Patagonia. It’s great to wear around town this fall as the temperatures start to drop at night! And it’s on sale with an additional 20% right now!