dear SKIING – i’m PATIENTLY waiting

as_1315_mrdpanPC: Mike Tittel

I can’t believe it’s November 18th and there’s little snow! I’m going through withdrawals and I know I’m not alone. Skiers, we’re a different breed. We live, sleep, eat, drink, sacrifice, loose jobs, relationships and everything else in our life so we can ski. To say we LOVE it, is an understatement. I know most people don’t understand me and my lifestyle but I don’t expect them to. I’ve always NOT been the norm. But I’m happy. I’m surrounded by amazing people who appreciate a sunrise, a sunset, an amazing powder day, hiking through the Alps on skis, seeing pure joy on someones face at the bottom of a run they skied for the first time, they enjoy the simple things nature has to offer. And for us, that’s good enough. We don’t have fancy houses and sometimes we don’t wear the latest fashion but we have priorities; the best skis, coat, goggles, trips to find the perfect turns through bottom-less powder or skiing the couloir you’ve had your eye on for years. That’s what we do. No, we are not normal but we are happy!

          Skiing              skiing

Mom and Dad, the best thing you ever gave me was the skill to ski, enjoy nature and appreciate nature and enjoy a sport that has given back to me more than I will ever have to offer. My family still skis together, grandma, grandpa, sisters, brothers, in-laws and grandkids. We all LOVE to ski! Even my little adventure buddy loves the snow.


Find your passion. Find your happy place. Life is too short. I dare you! You may never come back… but I promise you’ll be happy.



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